Indang Water District

World Water Day 2023 Celebration

World Water Day 2023 Celebration
In connection with the puzzle challenge for the World Water Day 2023 celebration, please be informed that the link for the game is only working on desktop or laptop but NOT on mobile phones.
Re-posted in the description box are the mechanics of the game.
Game Mechanics:
1. From March 13 to March 30, take the challenge and complete the online hidden word puzzle as fast as you can.
2.To play, click the link in the description as:
3. To begin the puzzle, click “new game” in the upper left corner next to “solve” button. The timer is in the upper left hand corner above the actual puzzle.
4. When you complete the puzzle, a box will pop up with your time elapsed. Take a screenshot of your winning time.
Send it to the Indang Water District’s Facebook Account through messenger, or through our email address, together with your full name and contact number.
Entry name should be made under the concessionaire/account name holder for verification purposes. This is restricted to one entry per concessionaire/account name only.
5. First 10 participants with the fastest time, wins 500 pesos worth of Grocery Items each!
6. Deadline to send a screenshot of your “time elapsed” is on March 30 at 12:00 noon.
7. Announcement of winners will be on March 31,2023.
You can try as many times as you want, but please be reminded that you can submit one entry per concessionaire/account name only.
Good luck!