Indang Water District

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On July 1979, the IWD was formed by the virtue of a Municipal Resolution, transferring the existing water system to the District. The IWD was formally issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 099 by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) on November 5, 1979 in its recognition to IWD’s commitment to improve the domestic water supply of Indang. The District was then born and becomes eligible to avail of LWUA’s comprehensive assistance program. 

The IWD has been re-categorized from Small Water District to Medium Water District effective April 4, 2004. Moreover, pursuant to DBM Circular Letter No. 2011-10 dated November 18, 2011 re: Revised Local Water District manual on Categorization, Re-categorization and Other Related Matters (LWD-MaCRO) the Indang Water District was categorized as Category C Water District by LWUA effective March 2011.

To be the best provider of safe, potable, adequate adn affordable spring water in the whole Municipality of Indang.

To provide an affordable spring water supply to the people of Indang, Cavite as competent, technical, skilled and professional and God-centered employees of Indang Water District with the state of the art equipment and excellent service.

To safeguard natural resources for being environmental friendly.
Municipality of Indang is situated in the central part of Cavite Province approximately 12 km from Tagaytay Ridge. The Municipality consists of the Poblacion and surrounding barangays with a total land area of 8,920 hectares.
The original waterworks system was constructed in 1922-1924 with Ikloy Spring as its source and covers only the Poblacion. The system consists of a spring chamber, pumphouse with hydro turbine prime over and centrifugal pump, ground reservoir, 2 km transmission pipelines and distribution facilities. In 1980, a separate distribution pipe and ground reservoir in Barangay Kaytambog was included in the system. Total registered concessionaires were 463 as of August 1980. Water production from the spring source is 580 cu.m. of which only 26.6 percent is accounted for.
The total water demand for various design years is derived from the demands for domestic, commercial, institutional and public faucets demands including an allowance for leakage and wastage.
The possible sources of water supply for Indang are springs, namely, Ikloy, Ipie I and Ipie II. All the springs emanate from fissures on the contact between permeable pyroclastics and impermeable tuff above the river course. The full production of Ikloy Spring alone is estimated to meet the water demand of Indang Water District.

Board of Directors

Director Rosalinda R. Roderno


Director Edelisa G. Creus


Director Josefino A. Viado


Director Primo G. Salinas


Director Gloria M. Ramos


General Manager

Engr. Jayson S. Andaya

General Manager C

Designated Heads

Sherill M. Rodrin, CPA

Admin and Finance Division (AFD) Division Manager C

Ofelia E. Rogado

Commercial Division (CD) Division Manager C

Engr. Peejay E. Abestado

Engineering and Construction Division (ECD) Designated Head (Senior Engineer A)

Engr. Mary Jane T. Rupido

Production and Water Quality Division (PWQD) Designated Head (Engineering Assistant B)